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Laand Studio works on design, images and narratives.

We partner with Brands, Institutions and Individuals to understand their audience and create bespoke assets answering their needs.

The studio is supported by artists, artisans, designers and makers that are seeking to work on unique projects. Our practice embraces craft, timelessness and play to create meaningful and singular narratives.

If you do have questions, requests, or for collaboration E-mail us:

+33 (0) 6 22 30 69 03

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09:30 — 19:30

Paris, France


Creative direction, Visual identity, Web design, Image-making and Packaging.


Rier, Lemaire, Fane, Toteme, Uniqlo U, MK2 Curiosity, MK2 Films, Highsnobiety, Mercedes, Union Jeunesse Internationale, Castor, Alix Lacloche, Plein Air, Patine, Shanghai Tang, Fulgurances, Forest, Sisto Studios